Over 80 Years of Experience

GKS GmbH: Locking Solutions and Tank Sealing Systems

We are a leading company in development, manufacturing and testing of locking solutions and tank sealing systems. Standard as well as customized solutions can be delivered. Our appreciated production flexibility allows us to supply small batches as well as series production for motorbike manufacturers. We represent the state of the art for the assembly and testing of locking systems and tank caps. Further more we offer engineering, testing and validation services with reference to current standards and to customer specific requests.

Quality Standards and Certifications

The company operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.
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We are currently on work to achieve ISO 14001 and TISAX certification within 2023.

Ethics Code & Whistleblowing
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The short tale of a long story
1930: NEIMAN GmbH

The Neiman Group was founded in 1930 in Cologne by Abram Neiman, inventor of the theft proof steering wheel ignition lock. From the very beginning, there are three distinctive characteristics of the company: dedication to the automotive industry, development of an international manufacturing and devotion to technological advances.

1980 Neiman GmbH moved their production plant from Wuppertal to Haan.

1988 the company was taken over by the French automotive component supplier Valeo S.A.

1990: GKS GmbH

Two enterprising employees of Neiman GmbH founded GKS GmbH on 01.01.1990 taking over the two wheel division from Valeo Group. The plant has been expanded with new offices as can be seen nowadays.

We are proud to have maintained the NEIMAN brand in Haan, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia not far from Düsseldorf.

GKS is one of the leading OEM for motorbike manufacturers such as BMW AG.

1997: GKS is part of ZADI

In 1997 GKS became a part of the ZADI Group, an italian industrial group based in Carpi (MO), which operates in the automotive sector by developing and producing locking systems, key sets, lighting and more. Participation in the group allowed GKS to expand its know-how and to offers products and services in the international market.

2018: GKS is part of HB4

In 2018 the family expanded! GKS and other companies form ZADI Group became a part of HB4; a holding company that operates worldwide in several industrial sectors. HB4 has invested in technological know-how and increased the companies’ innovative capacity.


More than 80 years of experience behind us.

Abraham Neiman, founder of the company, his brilliant engineering talents led him early in life to an avid interest into motorcycle construction. Neiman began to manufacture steering wheel locks in a factory which he established in Cologne, Germany.

Mercedes Benz was the first automobile manufacturer to use his ingenious lock in original equipment.

“The crucial goal was not only to conceive, patent, manufacture and promote the antitheft lock, but also to create need for it, and to satisfy this need with the high quality of our production.”

Abram Neiman